June 5, 2018

Hi my name is Chris, welcome to my site. You must be here because you are like I was, over 50 and broke. Or maybe you are over 50 or 60 and broke. What ever your age if you are broke and facing retirement, it's not a very good feeling is it? The thought of living just on social security is terrifying, especially because:
     A. It's not a hell of a lot of money to live off of.
     B. Who knows if its going to be around much longer.
 There are probably one of three reasons why you gravitated to this site.
      1. You thought you were going to stay young forever and never planned ahead. (which is what I was guilty of)

      2. You had all your money invested with Bernie Maddoff or someone like him, thinking you were set for life. (we know what happened there)
      3. You had your own business, and lost it because of the economic collapse. Either way
you woke up one day with a knot in your stomach worrying what the future has in store for you. And not only you, if you have children and grandchildren your plans for making their life easier is gone also. Well I was over 50 when I realized that. Now I'm 59 and I sleep a lot easier these days. No, I didn't become a millionaire over night. Or a millionaire at all for that matter. (but I'm still trying) but I did take charge of my life. This is not a get rich quick web-site like we all have seen. You know the ones where you see some guy standing by a yacht, or a Mercedes, with a picture of a nice mansion, saying he got all that by working 12 hours a week. Well if you believe those ads I have a bridge I could sell you real cheap (in Brooklyn). It just doesn't happen that way. The truth is I don't own a yacht, or any boat. I drive a Dodge Stratus, and I work off my kitchen table. After your anger, and after you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you need to do something with your life. It's not easy starting over, especially being over 50. But you can't crawl into a hole and cover yourself up either. Well you can, but what fun would that be. You need to take action. You can either try to find a job, or start a home based business. I chose the home business route. There are many to choose from, so take your time and find one that works for you. For me I felt the internet was the way to go. It is the future of all business. It takes time so dont expect the money to come rolling in. It takes time. But once you get over the hump, it's a piece of cake. Just don't give up. If you worked all your life, and are facing retirement without enough money, what makes you think getting another job will get you where you want to be???????
When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you need to take action. If you need help, Join our group: over50andbroke1@gmail.com Best of success
If you want to hit the TriFecta of life click the link Over 50 And Having A Ball on the top of this page

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