August 3, 2018

The Golden Years

Are you in your golden years? Or maybe you are approaching your Golden Years and don't know what to expect. Well here is a must read for you.
Here is a sneak peak and humorous look at what you can expect when you hit those supposed golden years.

This book is a collection of jokes, pictures, quizzes, sayings, and personal stories from the author and all around fun stuff.
And best yet it is absolutely free, that's right a free gift from me to you.

What you'll find inside:
1.     A Test
2.     A Look Back
3.     The Golden Years
4.     You Find Yourself Doing Things
5.     Sex?
6.     I Just Don’t Understand
7.     The Green Thing
8.     Retirement Community
9.     Baby-Boomer Game
10. Time To Medicate
11.  Where Did Everyone Go?
12.  That’s Right, Just Ignore Me
13.  I Would Hate To Grow-Up In Today’s World
14.  Eat & Drink
15.  Perks Of Entering The Golden Years
16.  Retirement
17.  A Time Gone By
18.  Do You Remember?

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August 1, 2018

Enjoying Your Golden Years


It has been a long journey from the time I lost everything up to now. I have learned and discovered so many things, but life has brought me to a new purpose. What started off to be showing Baby-Boomers that it is possible to start over after losing everything at the age of 57, now becomes a way to show Baby-Boomers how to live a happy and healthy life.

Some Of The Things We Will Be Covering: Diet, Fitness, Health/Nutrition, Slowing The Ageing Process, Physical & Mental Wellness, Motivation, Nostalgia and much much more.

If you want to start changing your life for the better, take the first step Click Here.

How I Lost Everything And Got It Back Again

My name is Chris. And just in the past three years I’ve been featured twice in our local paper and once in an out of state paper.. I’ve also been featured on local TV station 12 in West Palm Beach. I’ve also had stories written about me in Advantage Age Magazine and Shoe String Venture magazine as well as over-50 websites and blogs. I have also been on numerous radio shows which you can find on my Media Page here. And I also write motivational articles for Enzine Articles and Article Base, as well as having a series of motivational videos on YouTube.
And there are now over1900 people in my group from across the country that I try to help bring success into their lives.
And you know that’s not a bad accomplishment for someone who was dead broke and almost 50 lbs heavier just a few short years ago.

The Golden Years

Are you in your golden years? Or maybe you are approaching your Golden Years and don't know what to expect. Well here is a mu...