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Hi this is Chris, you probably know me from Over 50 And Broke.com. Where I try to get your mind and finances in order. But there is one more part to the Tri-Fecta. It's your body. To be a truly happy individual, you need all 3. That's a healthy Mind, Body, and Pocket. Once you have all three, everything else seems to fall right into place.
      My site Over 50 And Broke is designed to help you with your mind and pocket. Now Over 50 And Having A Ball is designed to take care of your body. When you achieve all three, only then you will have archived the Tri-Fecta.
      Once you are over 50 your body changes, and you need to start paying more attention to your health. When I became broke, and just sitting at home I knew I had to do something or I was gonna have to check myself into a rubber room. So I hit the computer to develop my mind and pocket. Once that was accomplished I knew I had to start on the body. Since money was as scarce as hens teeth, joining a gym was out. So I bought a rubber exercise ball and developed a routine to keep my body in shape. With just this one piece of equipment you can do a full body workout and progress at your own pace.** My routine helps you in 10 ways.
* Legs
* Back
* Abdomen
* Hips
* Waist
* Chest
* Shoulders
* Arms
* Restore Balance and Flexibility
* Relieve Stress

And you can do it all while watching T.V. or listening to your favorite music. You can do it indoors, or out in the fresh air. The routine will keep your energy high, and it will give you renewed vitality.

**Never start a workout until you consult your doctor.

Please e-mail
over50andbroke1@gmail.com  for availability and pricing
minimum 25 per class

Healthy Living for your clubs, community center, over 55 communities, women's clubs, men's clubs.
It's Time To Be Healthy Again!!!!
Lets Hit The TriFecta Of Life

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