December 7, 2019

Hitting The Tri-Fecta Of Life

A Healthy Mind, Body, And Pocket
(A Light-Hearted Look At Achieving Happiness)

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Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” maybe that was true in the 1700’s, but now a day it takes a lot more than just going to bed early to achieve the same results that Mr. Franklin wanted to achieve. Mr. Franklin wanted to be healthy, wealthy and wise, I find that having a healthy mind, body and pocket is the thing to achieve today, although it basically means the same thing, you cannot achieve it today just by going to bed early and getting up early, although it doesn't hurt.
As of this writing, I am sixty-two years old and it took me losing everything I had to learn that lesson. Like many, I always thought that having money would make me a happy person, but money does not necessarily mean happiness, although it definitely helps the situation. Although my number one goal after losing everything was money, I found that just pursuing money in life was an empty life.

The last time I went for a check-up the doctor said, "I very rarely see people your age in such good shape,keep doing what you are doing." So, I guess I must be doing Something right and everything I do, I put in this book.

Jerry P:  "I have read all of Chris's books, his sense of humor is second to none. I laughed and learned throughout the book, especially the healthy body chapter, I love this guy."

Evelyn:  "I found this book very entertaining, his views on dieting left me in stitches. His views are out of the main stream, but like he says in the book, it worked for him , it could work for you. enjoyable read.    

Jason S:  "I think everyone would enjoy this book, whether you are broke or not. His outlook on life is very refreshing. I recommend it."

Margret L:  "The author does not follow the mainstream views, his outlook on dieting, attitudes and life in general is refreshing."

June:  "I can't think of a better book for motivation, it truly helped my mind, body and pocket."


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